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Contextualizing and Shaping Social Entrepreneurship in Africa

Sub Themes :

1.  Training for Social Entrepreneurship Innovation 

2.  Talent Identification, Incubation and Scale-up for the Social Enterprise

3. Measuring and Reporting Social Impact in Africa

4.  Shaping the Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem for Investor Readiness  

5. Engaging Legislature for Policy and Legal Framework for Social Enterprises

6. Creating Shared Value through Social Enterprise 

Chief Guest

Ms. Susie Kitchens
Deputy High Commissioner and
Permanent Representative to the
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) 

Keynote Speaker

Day 1

Mr. Varsy Wanjau
MD / VP East Africa
Wadhwani Foundation

Keynote Speaker

Day 2

Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe
Ashoka Fellow and Vice Chancellor
Africa Rural Univerity